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Nostalgix Base Set - Booster Pack (1st Edition) SALE

Nostalgix Base Set - Booster Pack (1st Edition)

$2.49 $4.99

Nostalgic gameplay, perfected.

The Nostalgix TCG Base Set contains over 180 cards. Each booster pack contains 10 cards to add to your collection. Each player must have a 50 card deck and a Hero card to play. Forge new nostalgic memories with the Base Set of Nostalgix!

This 1st Edition Blister Pack contains one 1st Edition pack.

Exclusive Artist Signature Card Series!

These Blister are the only way to get the 1 in 100 artist signature cards!

Artist Signature Cards replace the rare slot of the pack with a golden gilded signature edition of a fan-favorite holographic card from the Nostalgix TCG Base Set.