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Harmonized Kodachi // Rhinar, Reckless Rampage [U-WTR078 // U-WTR001] (Welcome to Rathe Unlimited) Unlimited Normal

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SKU: U-WTR078//U-WTR001-EN-UNO-1
Set: Welcome to Rathe Unlimited
Edition: Unlimited
Finish: Regular
Type: Weapon // Hero
Subtype: Dagger (1H)
Rarity: Token
Class: Ninja // Brute
Power: 1
Life: 40
Intellect: 4
Once per Turn Action - [1 Resource]: Attack If there is a card with cost 0 in your pitch zone, Harmonized Kodachi gains go again.
When you discard a card with 6 or more [Power] during your action phase, intimidate. (Target hero banishes face down a random card from their hand. At the beginning of the end phase, return all cards banished this way to their owners hand.)