PunkOuter Games

13 NW 8th Ave

Gainesville, FL 32601


Hours of Operation:

12pm - 10pm: Mon - Wed
12pm - Midnight: Thurs & Fri
10am - Midnight: Saturday
10am - 10pm: Sun

Overflow parking is across the street (next to the funeral home), and one block south of the store on NW 1st St. in the grassy lot next to the park. Please do not use the art studio's parking lot.



The inside is fun and inviting. Walking through the store is like going back to being a little kid and walking through toys r us. Great place to play games and find older and harder to find collectables and gaming items.

Aliana Chu

Super fun locally owned game shop with a nice selection of board and TTRP games, books, minis, scenery, and all the supplies to decorate them. There are also free to use tables and rent by the hour private rooms, plus open table play days for Warhammer and other games. There's a bar with beers and other low ABV bevs, snacks, and small bites. Overall a really wonderful local business owned and staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people. My go-to gaming shop and a fave place to play DnD with friends.

Maggie Paxson

This is my favorite LGS, and I come here almost every week for events and TCG supplies. They have a great set of kooky, fun games on sale as an extra bonus, and a good stock of hobby basics such as Games Workshop, D&D, and Gunpla.

Jamie Calhoun

This place is rad. Pretty good selection of Games Workshop stuff, D&D business, a jewelry case full of dice, casual board games, and the biggest craft beer selection I've seen in a game store. Tons of events, huge card selection, and a bunch of open box casual board games to try.

Joshua Sitta

This place has become my home away from home. Its a great atmosphere and a great community. Every one is welcoming and kind. If your interested in learning a new game every one is willing to teach and welcome you in to there community. I highly recommend stopping by and playing a game or two of your choice or learning a new game!

Andrew Bieniek

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! You can find anything board games, TTRPGs, and Tachs. If they don't have it, they'll quickly order it for you and update you when they receive it. Professional staff that are knowledgeable and happy to help with anything. This shop welcomes everyone and proudly hangs their Pride flag at the front door. This corner game shop is a breath of fresh air, that I'm thrilled to call my LGS.

Cade Chaney

Though I've yet to have the privilege of participating in any events or casual gameplay at PunkOuter, it's evident, even as a shopping onlooker, that the staff takes great care in providing the premium experience that they advertise. Very rare is there a time that I've gone in without there being some sort of happenings at the tables, save for just around opening. Moreover, the community that this store has cultivated proves to be as warm, inviting and welcoming as anyone [particularly someone with massive levels of social anxiety] could ask for.

It's equally as rare to not catch a glimpse of, or have an opportunity to say hello to one of the owners [Phil & Biron], who can frequently be seen either behind the counter, milling about the playspace, or offering assistance on the sales floor -- this further highlights the dedication they have to their community, because they're just as into the games as the people that shop and play there.

For a quality experience, be it for play or for shopping, PunkOuter is the place to go, and there is little hesitation in saying that. The staff is kind, knowledgeable and extremely helpful when it comes to matters of uncertainty on a new game, or basic product knowledge when seeking for that niche card that you can't find anywhere else.

PunkOuter has received many of my dollars, and will continue to do so as long as it remains a staple within the Gainesville Community -- and maybe, someday, I'll even manage to play there!

Fallon Somer-Guynn

I went with a friend for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised! The inside was much bigger than I expected, and the layout felt very open and clean. Around half of the store was just for playing games with large tables, and offered a variety of both alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages as well as a few snack options. Prices were better than the other card stores in town that I usually go to, and the $1 repack boosters were a particularly good deal. Beyond TCGs, there was a large variety of board games, figures, models, TTRPGs and accessories, plushes and other merchandise. Overall, Punk Outer had by far the best environment to just relax with some friends and play games if any card shop I have visited. I will certainly recommend this place to anyone who will listen!

Aidan Gross

Absolutely amazing store with the friendliest staff. Couldn't ask for better support of local gaming whether it be RPGs, boardgames, TCGs, or wargaming. Super open and welcoming community. Nice selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Best LGS in Florida!

Victor Duong