Sell Your Product To Us

We buy cards, sealed boxes, and other items! Prices will vary depending a wide range of factors, so please read below and ask if you have any further questions.

We prefer that you reach out to us through Discord or store chat to schedule an appointment if you have more than a handful of items. This ensures we will have a staff member who can dedicate their time to you.

To speed things up, please ensure all cards are removed from binders, top loaders, and sleeves. These items must be removed to determine condition and authenticity. Staff will likely not be able to do this for you as their time is limited.

Separate your valuable items from the rest. We recommend anything over $5 each be kept separate from anything under. If you do not separate them, we will consider everything to be under $5 each and quote our bulk rate prices (see further below for those).

For bulk items, separate foils from non-foils (if applicable), rares from commons/uncommons, and so on. Again, refer to the bulk rates so you know what to separate into different piles. Stacks of cards that are not separated may be counted at the lowest bulk rate (typically non-foil commons/uncommons).

We do not buy moderately played, heavily played, and damaged bulk.

Bulk is defined as anything under $5.00 at TCG/eBay low price. Note that most scanning apps default to "Market" prices which are typically not anywhere close to the low prices. Staff can assist with configuring the common scanning apps. Just ask for help and we'll be happy to assist. is another great resource for looking up prices. Cards in $4-$5 range we may offer a higher bulk rate on at our discretion.

Non-English rates for non-bulk are 25% of TCG/eBay English low at our discretion. Non-English bulk will be at 25% the bulk rates listed below. 

Our prices are as follows:

Non-Bulk: 50% cash value or 60% store credit. Cards high in value ($200+) and high in volume we will offer a higher percent at our discretion.

MTG bulk:
No Unstable or other Un-sets.
Non-foil Commons/Uncommons: Not Buying
Non-foil Rares: 8¢ each
Non-foil Mythic Rares: 20¢ each
Foil Commons/Uncommons: 5¢ each
Foil Rares: 20¢ each
Foil Mythic Rares: 25¢ each

Pokemon bulk:
Non-foil Commons/Uncommons: Not Buying
Non-foil Rares (non-foil): $30 / 1000
Foil Reverse Commons/Uncommons: $30 / 1000
Reverse Holo Rares: $40 / 1000
Holo Rares: $50 / 1000
V's: 25¢ each
VSTAR/VMAX's: 50¢ each
EX/GX pre Scarlet & Violet: $1 each
EX/GX Scarlet & Violet and later: $0.25 each
Hyper/Secret: $1.50 each

Flesh & Blood bulk:
1st Edition Commons/Uncommons: Not Buying
Unlimited Commons/Unommons: Not Buying
1st Edition Rares: $0.04 each
Unlimited Rares: $0.02 each
1st Edition Majestics: $0.10 each
Unlimited Majestics: $0.05 each
1st Edition Rainbow Foils: $0.10 each
Unlimited Rainbow Foils: $0.05 each
Cold Foils: $1.50 each

Digimon bulk:
Commons/Uncommons: Not Buying
Rares: $0.03 each

YuGiOh bulk:
Commons: Not Buying
Rares: $0.02 each
Secret/Ultra/Super rares: $0.03 each
Ultimate rares: $0.15 each
Ghost rares: $0.40 each

WiXoss bulk:
Commons: Not Buying
Rares/LRIG: $10 / 1000
Super/Secret/Piece Rares: $0.10 each
Parallel Foils: $0.15 each

If you are not in the area, please discuss with us via the store chat, our Discord, or calling over the phone. We can provide you with shipping materials and label ahead of time. We will acknowledge receipt of the cards usually within 24 hours and provide you a price quote soon after that.

Payment will be provided upon receiving the cards and verifying the conditions, quantities, etc. Payment will be your choice of check or online option (PayPal, Venmo, etc.).

Thanks for making it this far. Here are some FAQ's:

Q: Why do we have to de-sleeve cards?
A: Our scanning app will typically not work through a sleeve. In addition, we may need to closely inspect a card to authenticate it as well as determine it's condition.

Q: Why do you define bulk at the price you do?
A: This is complicated. We sell cards on a wide range of global marketplaces, not just locally in the store. Some of these marketplaces charge as high as 50% of the card's value when it is "bulk". Others charge a flat percentage plus a base rate of $0.30+. Then we have to pay for:
-Labor to grade, price, file away, pull for an order, pack and ship
-Rent, utilities, CAMs, etc.
-Stamp, envelope, sleeve, top loader
-Mail getting lost in route
After all of the above, a $3 card could net well under $1, and that's not factoring in the price to buy the card itself. Even with bots helping to sort and list cards, bulk is still a low profit margin item.

Q: When is the best time to come in to sell?
A: It is best to schedule an appointment to ensure you will have a staff member available to assist. Afternoons and evenings are often the worst time to drop by unannounced. A small number of items may be fine, but collections and high end items may be asked to return at a later date after an appointment is made.

Q: Why do you buy non-bulk at the prices you typically do?
A: We base our rates off of TCGplayer Low which is the US standard for pricing. Note that the common scanning apps price assuming lightly played condition, and changing the card condition in the app does not change the price. Since TCGplayer is where we sell the large majority of our cards through, we cannot price match a higher price elsewhere. The average fee for selling on that platform is more than 20%, and that's before factoring in many of the items mentioned in the Q/A section on bulk. In short, it isn't profitable to pay 70% of a card's value in the end most of the time.