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Sell To Us!

PunkOuter Games will buy your cards, sealed boxes, and other items. PunkOuter purchases sealed items on a case by case basis. Items must be unopened and in near mint condition. PunkOuter does not buy single, sealed TCG booster packs. PunkOuter may decline any item at any time. Offers depend on a wide range of factors and are subject to change, so please read below and ask if you have any further questions.

Buying and Selling Cards:

Card conditions are determined based upon TCGplayer's conditioning guide which can be found here:

Cash value payments can be made using Venmo, Paypal, CashApp, while store credit is awarded in PunkPoints. If a card says "Not Buying" it means that card is considered to be bulk and will fall under the bulk rules further down below. 

Click on the link below to go to our buylist tool where you can look up what we offer on non-bulk cards. Select your game from the drop down and search using partial or complete card names along with the card number when possible (example is Pikachu 25). Select the condition the card is in and whether it is foil or non-foil to see the updated buy price. Click on cash or credit to add it to your buylist cart. Complete the checkout process in the cart to submit the list to PunkOuter for review. You will receive an email copy. Sort your cards based on the order in that email.

Remove all cards from top loaders and sleeves. There is a charge of $0.05 for every individual card a staff member has to remove from a sleeve/top loader. Team bags are acceptable when sending in 10+ cards. A penny sleeve is acceptable for a stack of 10 cards or less.

Lists submitted will be reviewed by a staff member before being approved. Do not send in your cards until your buylist is approved. Approval emails from staff may take up to 24 hours.

Once staff has approved your buylist, please drop off or mail the cards (postmarked within 7 days) to:

PunkOuter Games
ATTN: Buylist
13 NW 8th Ave
Gainesville, FL 32601

Your order sheet must be included with your buylist. Cards not in order on the list may incur a fee deducted from the total, or returned entirely at the owner's cost. Once a buylist is received, an email confirmation will be sent within 24 hours. Please allow up to 48 hours for staff to review each card to verify quantity, set, type, and condition. Staff will reach out to verify payment was sent, or make an updated offer if there were any issues.

Link to the price lookup tool:

*Non-English Cards*
If you have non-English cards and can find the English version on the buylist, we offer 50% of that value (so go ahead and add it as English). If there is no English version of the card, please reach out first and see if we will be interested in buying them.


Before staff can evaluate bulk collections, cards must be separated by rarity and by foil/nonfoil. We do not buy moderately played, heavily played, and damaged bulk.

Items that smell like smoke (including cigarette smoke) will be declined as it is considered damaged on most marketplaces.

Current Bulk Prices In Cash (multiply by 1.2 for store credit value)

MTG Unstable or other Un-sets: Not Buying

Magic the Gathering Bulk:

Common/Uncommon/Lands Non-Foil - Not Buying
Common/Uncommon Foil - $3 / 100
Rare Non-Foil - $6 / 100
Mythic Non-Foil - $10 / 100
Rare Foil - $10 / 100
Mythic Foil - $20 / 100
Bulk Foil Lands - $2 / 100
Bulk Full-Art Foil Lands - $3 / 100
Bulk Tokens - Not Buying
Bulk Spin-Down Dice - $0.25 each

Pokemon Bulk:

Common and Uncommon Non-Holo - Not Buying
Rare Non-Holo - $3 / 100
Common/Uncommon Reverse Holo - $3 / 100
Foil - Amazing/Double/Prism/Promo/Radiant/Shiny - $5 / 100
Ace/Break $0.20 each
Hyper/Illustration/Secret/Shiny Ultra - $1 each

Flesh & Blood Bulk:

Commons and Uncommons - Not Buying
Rare 1st Edition - WtR, Arcane Rising, and Crucible sets only - $4 / 100
All other Rares - $2 / 100
Majestic 1st Edition - WtR, Arcane Rising, and Crucible sets only - $10 / 100
All other Majestics - $5 / 100
Rainbow Foil 1st Edition - $0.05 each
Rainbow Foil Unlimited - $5 / 100
Cold Foil - $1 each

Digimon Bulk:

Common and Uncommon - Not Buying
Rare/Super/Secret - $2 / 100

YuGiOh Bulk:

Common - Not Buying
Regular Rare/Gold/Mosaic/Platinum/Shatterfoil/Starfoil - $1.5 / 100
Secret/Ultra/Super Rare/Parallel- $5 / 100
Ultimate Rare - $20 / 100
Ghost/Prismatic/Collector/Century Rare - $0.50 each

Disney Lorcana:

Non-Foil Common/Uncommon - Not Buying
Non-Foil Rare - $5 / 100
Non-Foil Super Rare - $10 / 100
Non-Foil Legendary - $0.50 each
Cold Foil Commons/Uncommons - $5 / 100
Cold Foil Rares - $20 / 100
Cold Foil Super Rare - $30 / 100
Cold Foil Legendary - $1 Each