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Fate of the Ithil-Stone - Dark Minions - Middle Earth CCG / TCG


Card Type: Resource Event

Rarity: Rare

Card Text: Playable on a company at Minas Tirith if the company discards (for no effect) a Lost Knowledge card it controls. Tap this card if the company plays a Palantir; this card never untaps. If this card is tapped, invert it on the playing surface (rotate it 180°) if the company enters Barad-dur and plays a Stolen Knowledge card during the same site phase. If this card is inverted, it can be stored at a Haven [H]-only if stored do you receive its marshalling points. If this card is stored, all Palantiri give one less corruption point. Once inverted, no other copy of this card can be inverted.

Set: Dark Minions