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Legendary Hoard - The Dragons - Middle Earth CCG / TCG

Legendary Hoard - The Dragons - Middle Earth CCG / TCG

Card Type: Resource Event

Rarity: Rare

Card Text: Playable on an at home Dragon manifestation. Target Dragon's automatic attack cannot be canceled. Rotate this card 90 degrees each time a manifestation of target Dragon is played. If the site receiving the Dragon's automatic-attack is untapped, a number of items may be played there do not tap the site: not rotated: 1 item; rotated once: 2 items; rotated twice or more; 3 items. If target dragon is required to be discarded or removed from play, invert dragon on table until this card is discarded or removed from play. Discard this card when any item is played at target Dragon's lair that taps the site. Can not be duplicated on a given Dragon.